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EDF Renewables Burnfoot Hill Community Fund

MCC Microgrants and Event Fund

Muckhart Community Council (MCC) is pleased to announce that our microgrant and event fund applications are officially open.

If you are a resident or group based within the Muckhart area and have a project that could benefit local residents in line with the aims of the main EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Benefit Fund, you can apply for awards up to £250 for individuals or £500 for groups.

You can find out more by contacting Further details are also available here:

Applications close 5th June 2024.

Muckhart Community Transport Surveys

Muckhart Community Council are keen to find out about your unmet transport needs. One potential solution would be Community Transport. Discussions have been taking place with Glenfarg Community Transport Group (GCTG) about a possible collaboration to progress this issue.

Community transport is not just about moving people from point A to point B.  It is about fostering a sense of belonging, bridging divides, and empowering individuals to access education, employment, healthcare, and social opportunities that are the bedrock of a thriving community.  Community transport provides flexible and accessible community-led solutions in response to unmet local transport needs.

How to Participate: There are two surveys, one for everyone and one for those aged under 22. These are being delivered to your letter box and word versions can be accessed here.

Muckhart Community Transport Survey

Muckhart Youth Transport Survey

Alternatively, use the QR link below.

QR code

The survey consists of 8 questions/sections and will take a few minutes of your time to complete. Your responses will remain anonymous unless you wish to provide contact details.

Please use the online form or leave a paper copy delivered to your letter box at Mona’s of Muckhart. You can also email a word copy to or ask for for additional copies.

Thank you for taking the time to help.

Muckhart Community Transport Meeting – 28th April 2024

If you didn’t manage to the Muckhart Community Transport meeting on Sunday 28th April and want to find out more about the presentation by Glenfarg Community Transport Group and options going forward to improve transport in the Muckhart area please click on the link below.

Community Transport Meeting

Community Afternoon Tea

Community Afternoon Tea

MPS – Christmas trees

Glebe field willow weaving

We are now looking for keen volunteers to help us deliver a series of measures to help the long-
term success of this project and ensure it continues to benefit the community and the wildlife in
the area.
We will need volunteers on Saturday 18 th November, from 10am to 3pm, to help with willow
spiling*, clearing sediment build-up from the leaky dams and deflectors, seeding, planting of
wildflower plugs, and possibly some tree planting. These are aimed to help increase the
biodiversity of the area and ensure that the measures implemented continue to work and slow the
flow in the event of a flood.
*Willow spiling is a traditional technique that consists of alive willow rods being woven between
fixed stakes on the ground to create a barrier that slows the water flow.
If you, or someone you know may be interested in helping us with the delivery of this project,
please, sign up to our mailing list below or email/phone our Project Officer Mario Palomo at:

EDF Burnfoot Hill Community Fund: Muckhart Micro-Grant and Event Fund reminder

There is still time to apply to MCC for a microgrant or grant to run a community event worth up to £500. Further information is available from and the closing date for applications is 16th October 2023.

MCC meeting dates

This years meeting dates are:
25th October 2023

6th December 2023

24th January 2024

20th March 2024

22nd May 2024

4th September 2024

Lighting and Footway resurfacing works in Cairns Place and Kirkhill.

We are pleased to announce that work is due to begin on completing improved street lighting on Cairns Place and Kirkhill on Saturday 23rd September.

Essential footway resurfacing works is also due to begin on Monday 25th September 2023 over a 2 week period, weather permitting on both streets. All residents have been previously notified.

A footway closure and parking restrictions will be in place from 0800 to 1700 and residents have been asked to not park vehicles on the street and cut back any overgrown vegetation in line with the rear of the footway.