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Muckhart Flood Group

Muckhart Flood Group

The issue of flooding in and around Muckhart has been raised on numerous occasions as some residents have been succumbed to rising water levels and general overground flow, compromising property and causing structural damage. It is however most likely that flooding has caused local damage to footpaths and gardens with saturated ground conditions passing with time. In the past week or so we have seen an increase in watercourse flows due to heavy rainfall and also large snow melt over short periods of time.


In response to this, I have been asked to chair a new Flood Group to discuss and develop an action plan to help reduce the risk of water breach but to also increase resilience to not only our properties, but also areas that can be damaged by excessive water flow.


Formed by volunteers from the community, we have met on a couple of occasions and have developed a working relationship with Stuart Cullen – our local Flood Officer for Clackmannanshire Council and Paul Laidlaw from the Scottish Flood Forum. One key role of the Flood Group is to provide primary response to alerts to anticipated rise in water flows; this may include the installation of primary defence aids to vulnerable homes from equipment stored in a local ‘flood pod’ and to undertake ongoing inspections of water courses, drains and gratings to ensure that the drainage system is working effectively.


We are conscious of the ongoing concern of flooding in Cairns Place and Kirkhill which is a focus within our action plan, but we are keen to hear from other residents on other local flooding concerns. Although the primary responsibility may lie with Clackmannanshire Council, we can highlight awareness and work towards mitigation and protection. In the first instance, if you could drop me an email me details and your concerns and we look at how we can help. My email address is


We will also keep this page updated with progress.