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Community Council Complaints Procedure

Overview of the Muckhart Community Council Complaints Procedure


  • If you are dissatisfied with, or have concerns about, the standard of service, actions or lack of action provided by Muckhart Community Council, or one or more of its members, these can be reported through the Muckhart Community Council Complaints Procedure

Complaints Procedure

  • You can complain in writing, by email or by letter, to the Secretary of Muckhart Community Council
  • Muckhart Community Council has a two stage complaints procedure – Frontline Resolution and Investigation. We will always try to deal with your complaint, as quickly as possible, but we will notify you if it is clear that the matter requires a detailed investigation

Stage One – Frontline Resolution

  • Muckhart Community Council will always try to resolve your complaint within fourteen days
  • If we are unable to resolve your complaint at this stage, we will move to a Stage Two – Investigation

Stage Two – Investigation

  • Muckhart Community Council will investigate your complaint at this stage if it cannot be resolved quickly at Stage One or if it is complex and requires a detailed investigation at the outset
  • We will inform you within fourteen days of the receipt of the complaint if it is to be considered at the Investigation Stage. Muckhart Community Council will endeavour to resolve a complaint that reaches Stage Two, as quickly as possible, within the established process


  • If the complaint is upheld at either Stage One or Stage Two, Muckhart Community Council will record the appropriate action and notify the complainant of any actions taken
  • If the complaint is not upheld, Muckhart Community Council will notify the complainant of the decision. The decision of Muckhart Community Council is final and no appeal is possible

The MCC Complaints Procedure document is available via this link

Please contact the MCC Secretary should you wish to view other MCC Governance documentation.


Gillian Thompson


Muckhart Community Council