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In September, Elect Her – a non-partisan CIC supporting women on their political journey – are hosting a month-long series of webinars, entitled Her Life in Politics, exploring every role in Scottish politics. Each Tuesday at 7:30-9pm, elected representatives from across the political spectrum will share their journey into politics and experiences since.


On Tuesday 20th 7:30-9pm, the webinar will focus on Community Councillors, hearing from Karen Harcus, Alison Lowe and Elizabeth Brown and with facilitation from former community councillor and chair Lauren Bennie. This webinar is a great opportunity for any woman motivated to create positive change in her community to learn how becoming a community councillor can help put ideas into action, learning from other women’s lived experience and meeting like-minded women along the way.


If you know a fantastic woman who you would like to encourage to become a community councillor, please invite them to this free online event so they can start their political journey today. Full details on the event, including how to book, are available here:


The full webinar programme is as follows:

All webinars are open to women from across Britain, either new or existing members of the Elect Her community, and will be BSL interpreted and include closed captioning. ’

Should you have any further queries, please contact:


Rosie Trevill:

Community & Communications Coordinator


Next MCC meeting and AGM



Apologies for the lateness of this notification. For various housekeeping reasons we are not holding the slated next MCC mtg on Wednesday 7th. We have moved it to Wednesday 14th. We intend to hold the mtg and the AGM in Coronation Hall starting at 7.30pm and you are very welcome to join us.


In preparation for the mtg I’d appreciate any feedback you wish to offer the MCC about the temp 20mph. The Ward Councillors have asked us to take the temperature of the village. Short, useful, contributions please.




Gillian Thompson OBE

Secy MCC


Muckhart Community Council Meeting 8 June 2022



Meeting of Muckhart Community Council on

Wednesday 8 June 2022, Coronation Hall at 7:30pm


  1.   Apologies for Absence
  2.   Declarations of Interest
  3.   Minutes of Meeting on 23 March 2022
  4.   Matters Arising
  5.  Police Report
  6.  Traffic Calming and Road Safety
  7.  Resilience Plan Update
  8.  Public Transport Questionnaire and 202 Bus Update
  9.  Cycle Path from Dollar to Muckhart
  10.  Sub – Groups:

– Planning Applications including Springfield Sign Application

– Traffic Management

– Meadowside Crescent Development – Springfield/MCC meetings etc

– Infrastructure

– Flood management

– Website/Facebook

  1. JCCF
  2. MCC Micro Grants and Local Events Fund – projects and progress
  3. Community Involvement – Village image etc
  4. Muckhart Primary School Report
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. AOC
  7. Date of Next Meeting and AGM: Wednesday 7 September 2022, Coronation Hall, Muckhart

Muckhart Community Council – Microgrants


Muckhart Community Council (MCC) is pleased to announce that individuals and groups based within the Muckhart Community Council area are now able to apply to MCC to be considered for a Microgrant award, worth up to £500 for groups and £250 for individuals.


The MCC Microgrants fund is open to the following:


  1. Small, un-constituted groups providing valuable services or activities to residents in Muckhart (for example, informal voluntary groups, lunch clubs or friendship groups)
  2. Individuals undertaking specialist training which fosters local talent (for example, music or athletics) or participation (including travel) of community members to represent our community at regional or national events
  3. Individuals or small groups with an idea they wish to ‘test’ or try out
  4. Constituted local groups who are seeking funding for new projects or activities


Funding Deadlines


Please note the following  Microgrant Application Deadlines:


  1. Summer:
    1. Application Deadline:                 20 June 2022
    2. Notification of decision:             Before the end of June 2022 


  1. Autumn
    1. Application Deadline:                 5 October 2022
    2. Notification of decision:             Before the end of October


Please help raise awareness of this fund widely across Muckhart, to local groups and especially individuals.


If you require any further information, including application forms, please get in touch with me or Andy Davis, Vice Chair.


Gillian Thompson OBE


Muckhart Community Council



Neighbourhood Watch – Scam Share Bulletin and CyberScotland Bulletin


Scam Share Bulletin and CyberScotland Bulletin

The Scam Share Bulletin from Trading Standards Scotland includes the following topics:

Recently Reported Scams

Electricity Meter Scams

WhatsApp Voice Message Scams

Subscription Traps

Employment Scams

Ongoing Scams / Campaigns

The Art of Impersonation

New Product Safety Site


The full bulletin is available to view here:


The CyberScotland Bulletin includes the following topics:

NCSC’s Cyber Aware Campaign

Scottish Charity Falls Victim To Cyber Attack

Cadbury Chocolate Scam

Rising Costs of Living


The bulletin is available to view here:

Please Share as appropriate




5-6-2094 – The Clackmannanshire Council, New Broadmeadows, Pool ‘O’ Muckhart (Temporary Prohibition of Driving, Parking and Loading) Order 2022


Polling will take place between the hours of 7am and 10pm on Thursday 5 May 2022 for the election of the number of councillors indicated below for the electoral ward listed, there remaining in each case
more validly nominated candidates than the number of councillors to be elected.
The name, description (if any) and address of each candidate remaining validly nominated are as follows:

Ward 5 – Clackmannanshire East 

No of Councillors to be elected – 3


CALDERWOOD Les  Independent (address in Clackmannanshire)
COYNE Denis  Scottish Conservative and Unionist (address in Clackmannanshire)
GAULT Neil  Scottish Conservative and Unionist (address in Clackmannanshire)
HARRISON Scott  Scottish National Party (SNP) (address in Clackmannanshire)
MARTIN Kathleen Mary  Scottish Labour Party (address in Clackmannanshire)
MYLES Angus James MacDonald  Scottish Liberal Democrats (address in Clackmannanshire)
ROBERTSON Marion  Scottish Green Party The Anchorage, Muckhart, FK14 7JJ

* The persons entitled to vote as electors at this election are the persons registered in the register of electors for the respective electoral wards, but a person whose name is so registered may not vote if the entry in the said register gives as the date on which the person will become of voting age a date later than the day fixed for the poll.


Data Breach Guidance – Police Scotland

The attached guidance has been circulated on behalf of Cybercrime Harm Prevention, Police Scotland and contains useful advice regarding a data breach. It explains:

What is a data breach
How you might be affected
What to do if your username and password have been stolen
What to do if your banking details may have been stolen
What signs to look for
What to do if you are a victim of Identity Theft
How to recover a hacked account
Other useful links

Data Breach Guidance.pdf – 549.0 KB


Over 20,000 people fell victim to remote access scams


More than £50 million was lost last year to scams where victims are tricked into handing over control of their computer or smartphone to criminals.

New data from Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime, reveals that 20,144 people fell victim to scams where they were persuaded to grant criminals remote access to their device.

Victims reported losing a total of £57,790,384 – an average loss of £2,868 per victim.

What are remote access scams

Remote Access scams will often begin with a browser pop-up saying that your computer is infected with a virus, or maybe a call from someone claiming to be from your bank saying that they need to connect to your computer in order to cancel a fraudulent transaction on your account. Regardless of the narrative the fraudster’s use, their goal is to steal your money or access your financial information by tricking you into allowing them to remotely connect to your computer.

Detective Chief Inspector Craig Mullish, from the City of London Police, said:

“While remote access tools are safe when used legitimately, we want the public to be aware that they can be misused by criminals to perpetrate fraud. We often see criminals posing as legitimate businesses in order to trick people into handing over control of their computer or smartphone.

“You should only install software or grant remote access to your computer if you’re asked by someone you know and trust, such as a friend or family member, and never as a result of an unsolicited call, browser pop-up or text message.”

How to protect yourself

·  Only install software or grant remote access to your computer if you’re asked by someone you know and trust, such as a friend or family member, and never as a result of an unsolicited call, browser pop up, or text message.

·  Remember, a bank or service provider will never contact you out of the blue requesting remote access to your device.

·  If you believe your laptop, PC, tablet or phone has been infected with a virus or some other type of malware, follow the NCSC’s guidance on recovering an infected device.

·  Protect your money by contacting your bank immediately on a different device from the one the scammer contacted you on.

·  Report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or via If you are in Scotland, please report to Police Scotland directly by calling 101.




Scam Share Bulletin – 7th April 2022

The recent Scam Share Bulletin from Trading Standards Scotland includes the following topics:

Recently Reported Scams

Fake Cadbury Easter Giveaway

Antivirus Scam Emails

Census Doorstep Scams

Broadband Doorstep Scams


Ongoing Scams / Campaigns

Remote Access Scams

Fire Alarm – Avoid Scams


The full bulletin is available to view here