Muckhart Village from Seamab

Natural flood management – update

I am very pleased to announce that the final approvals have been granted and that the Muckhart Flood Management works are scheduled to begin in March 2023. Our thanks go to the community, landowners, Clackmannanshire Council and the Forth Rivers Trust in developing a scheme that adopts natural flood measures whilst also promoting and encouraging biodiversity with new natural habitats. These works are all contained within the Glebe Field and the watercourse that runs through the Seamab catchment. We plan to have a community presentation to detail more on the scheme but look encourage community involvement such as learning the art of willow weaving, but also utilising local trades and professionals.

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The Future of Bus in Mid Scotland and Fife

Join local MSP Mark Ruskell, bus operators, passenger representatives for a regional summit on the future of bus services across Mid Scotland and Fife.

The summit is being held online on Monday 28th November from 6 to 8pm. All are welcome to join.

More details can be found on the below link.

The Future of Bus in Mid Scotland and Fife Tickets, Mon 28 Nov 2022 at 18:00 | Eventbrite

Overhanging foliage

Clackmannanshire Council have forwarded guidance for the clearance of foliage around public highways, which you may find of interest.

Springfield virtual walkthrough

Springfield have launched their virtual walkthrough. It can be viewed through this link.

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Queens Jubilee lunch

Light up Muckhart!

The lights were switched-on on December 5th by Mrs Sutherland.  For once they came on without multiple attempts!  Members of the community were encouraged to come out and enjoy the switch on with mulled wine, community carols and sweet Christmas treats.  The response was fantastic with the car park full of local residents of all ages enjoying the event. The LUM team received multiple comments during December from residents as to how good the lights looked, on the tree and the hall.  Parents of children walking or cycling to school really enjoyed the magical feel around the hall.  Walking groups, local clubs and societies that were using the hall also appreciated them and recognised the significant upgrade from our previous years “home-spun” lights.

Given that many indoor Christmas activities involving large numbers had been restrained due to Covid restrictions it was lovely to have a community gathering in the car park with some winter sparkle in our village in December.

The switch on event and afternoon click and collect raised £1,200 which we split between Homestart Clackmannanshire and the Gate Foodbank in Alloa.


The Nature Trail volunteer team has now completed the plan for the first stage of the improvement programme for the Nature Trail along the footpath between School Road and Muckhart School. At this stage we have focussed on choosing the tree and shrub species most suitable for enhancing the path and on proposing their position along the path. In the next week or two we will be purchasing the trees and hoping to complete the planting before spring arrives. A guiding principle has been that only Scottish Native species will be considered.

Not only is this a status update note, it is also an invitation to everyone to review our choice and positioning of these new trees and to respond with any suggestions for improvement (contact details below). The list of trees is presented in the following table together with the respective Marker Numbers. Height ranges for each species are shown; it can be noted we chose to site only low growing shrubs/trees at the northern School Road end of the path. Short wooden pegs, marked with the appropriate number, have been hammered into the ground on both sides of the path at the approximate, intended location of the individual trees. The number on each peg refers to the Marker Number in the table below.

Marker No. Latin Name Common Name Mature Height Range (m)
1 Vibernum opulus Guelder rose 2-5
2 Prunus spinosa Blackthorn 2-5
3 Euonymus europaeus Spindle 2-5
4 Ilex aquifolium Holly 2-5
5 Sambucus nigra Elder 2-5
6 Corylus avellana Hazel 5-15
7 Populusnigra subsp betulifolia Black poplar 20-30
8 Malus sylvestris Crab apple 5-10
9 Salix caprea Goat willow 5-10
10 Alnus glutinosa Alder 10-15
11 Prunus avium Gean 15-20
12 Carpinus betulis Hornbeam 15-20
13 Betula pubescens Hairy birch 5-15
14 Ulmus glabra Wych elm 20-30
15 Populus tremula Aspen 20-30
16 Prunus padus Bird-cherry 5-15
17 Taxus baccata Yew 10-15
18 Acer campestre Field maple 5-10
19 Tilia cordata Small leaved lime 20-30
20 Betula pendula Silver birch 15-20

The opportunity has also been taken to similarly indicate the positioning of three other proposed enhancement features along the path:-

Marker No. Area Description Approx Area Required (m)
21 Group discussion area  – circle of log stools within hedge of mixed native shrubs 5  minimum diameter
22 Picnic Area:- table + benches within hedge of mixed native shrubs 5×5 min
23 Dead Hedge 0.75×10

Please send any comments to or text to 07717 322085. Thank you.

Plant a tree for the Jubilee

Thank you to everyone who have been in touch to request to plant a tree for the Queens Jubilee. Please find a link for anyone else who wish more information or wish to get involved.

Plant a Tree for the Jubilee – Woodland Trust