Muckhart Village from Seamab

Erection of 1 No. Non Illuminated Single Stack Sign and Installation of 7 No. Flagpoles

Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997
Erection of 1 No. Non Illuminated Single Stack Sign and Installation of 7 No.
Flagpoles at Former Bowling Green, Green Loan, Pool Of Muckhart,

I refer to your letter regarding the above. Your comments were considered fully before
the decision was made to APPROVE the application.
The application was approved subject to the following conditions:
1. Notwithstanding any legislation or Regulations, the display of advertisement
hereby granted consent shall cease before 28 March 2028, or on the date of the
completion of the last dwellinghouse at the site whichever is the sooner, and the land
returned to its original condition, unless the planning authority has granted written
consent for the further display of the advertisement.

In response to your representations, the Service assessed the proposals and drew the
following conclusions:
The proposed display of advertisement would be detrimental to road safety. Comment:- It
is noted that Roads and Transportation do not consider that the proposal would
constitute a road safety hazard. Comments from Roads and Transportation are
addressed in Section 2 of this report.
The proposal would be detrimental to the amenity of the village.
Comment:- It is not considered that the proposed display of advertisement would have a
significant impact on the amenity of the Pool of Muckhart village. It is appropriate that
residential development has appropriate directional signage. The proposed
advertisement would be modest in scale and display would be time limited.
The application is submitted retrospectively and should be rejected.
Comment:- It is noted that the application is submitted retrospectively. However, there is
no significant detriment to the amenity of the village or road safety to justify the planning

authority to seek the cessation of the display of advertisements during the consideration
of the application.
The proposed display of advertisements does accord with the relevant policies of the
development Plan.
Assessment of relevant Development Plan policies is detailed in section 8 of this report.

A copy of the officer’s report is available to view on the Council’s website.
Yours faithfully